Here's a sampling of the priority public realm projects we are working on to enhance the experience for those who work, shop, and play in Union Square. 


Union Square Cares

The City and County of San Francisco prioritizes services for the homeless in many ways: through supportive housing units, increased medical respite beds, comprehensive services that include substance abuse and mental health treatment, and innovative programs like the city’s Navigation Center. We, at Union Square Cares, are doing our best to help. We have committed resources for additional officers and outreach workers that connect individuals to services, but we know that we can do better by working together with employees, our visitors, and our managers on cohesive strategies to reach people who need our help the most. READ MORE

Hallidie Plaza

As the gateway to the Union Square District, Hallidie Plaza remains a top priority to rejuventate and activate the space with new life. 



Powell Street Promenade 

The Powell Streetscape Project will design and construct a new streetscape layout for Powell Street between Geary and Ellis streets to enhance the quality and use of the public realm, improve safety for all street users, improve cable car safety and performance, and renew transportation infrastructure. For more information on the City's long-term plan, head to:


Maiden Lane_Rendering_All Elements.jpg

Maiden Lane

A former red light district prior to the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, Maiden Lane is now home to boutiques and art galleries. The Union Foundation looks forward to bringing more life to this unique space in the City through food, art, and entertainment activation. 


Campton Place

A blank canvas such as Campton Place deserves to be transformed into a vibrant, activated space with art installations, food and entertainment.