When positive changes occur in Union Square, it tends to have a ripple effect throughout the whole City of San Francisco.

Together, we can cultivate a community that’s diverse and INCLUSIVE for all mankind in the heart of san francisco.

Make a Donation

Whether it's $100, $1,000, $10,000, or more, your donation cements your legacy in the community by helping those on the streets who are experiencing homelessness.

If beautification is your focus, reach out to us to fund a public art project!

Give Us Your time

Those experiencing homelessness often feel isolated from society and have no connection with family and friends. Participate in a district walk with your office colleagues. Ask us how you can volunteer.

Tired of trash? Join us and help clean up a public plaza, backstreet, alley, or business block.


As you start to see all of these exciting changes take place around the Union Square area, bring your friends and family out to celebrate the vibrant, inclusive community you helped to create. Union Square is all about cultivating life-long memories.