Powell Street Promenande 

“Repair and maintain a visible and well-used promenade until future streetscape designs are implemented.”
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• Powell Street is one of the busiest pedestrian corridors in the District. It connects the cable car turnaround, Hallidie Plaza, and the BART/Muni Station to Union Square.

• The Union Square Business Improvement District identified the potential for a ‘temporary’ solution to activate the pedestrian realm along Powell Street, called the Powell Street Promenade. A committee proposed a series of sidewalk extensions with seating and planting that elevated the expanded walkway to be flush with the sidewalk. The committee reviewed this concept with multiple City agencies, local property owners and businesses, and received strong support.

• Following the approval of the conceptual approach, AUDI stepped forward as a sponsor for the promenade. Audi hired Hood Design Studio to refine the design concept to reflect Audi’s use of aluminum in their automobiles. It replaces nearly 4,500 square feet of street parking with pedestrian space.

• The promenade is in need of ongoing maintenance as the parklet is still in use, two years past its original lifespan.

• Routine repairs and general maintenance are needed between now and the implementation of the long term streetscape vision.

• Funding for:

- Planting maintenance and supplemental planting

- Repairs and general maintenance

SFMTA’S Long-Term Vision for the

Powell Street Promenade


 The Powell Streetscape Project will design and construct a new streetscape layout for Powell Street between Geary and Ellis streets to enhance the quality and use of the public realm, improve safety for all street users, improve cable car safety and performance, and renew transportation infrastructure. For more information on the City's long-term plan, head to: https://www.sfmta.com/projects/powell-streetscape-project