Board Officers

Tad Moore, Board President – Principal, 250 Post Street

Rick Laubscher, Board Vice President – President, Market Street Railway

Darcy Brown, Treasurer – Executive Director, San Francisco Beautiful

Shirley Howard-Johnson, Secretary – Arts Consultant


Board Directors

Norman Boone - Principal and Senior Advisor, Private Ocean Wealth Management

J. Timothy Falvey – President, Hanford-Freund Company

Gail Gilman - Strategic Consultant

Moe Jamil - Community Member and Advocate

Man J. Kim – President, Lori’s Diner International

Manuela A. King – President, RHAA Landscape Architecture + Planning

Ken Mancuso – Senior Vice President, Leasing, Westfield Centre

Kelly Powers - Director, Hotel Council of San Francisco

Ron Yen – Principal, BuildGroup


The Union Square Foundation is managed by the Union Square Business Improvement District (USBID). Public realm, beautification, and homeless workforce development services are provided as part of the fiduciary responsibilities per the agreement between the two organizations. For more information on the USBID, click here


Staff of the Union Square Business Improvement District

Karin Flood, Executive Director

Ben Horne, Deputy Director 

Robbie Silver, Director of Marketing & Public Realm

Chris Boss, Director of Services

Joshua Chan, Project Coordinator

Brianna Caspersen, Project Coordinator