Hallidie Plaza

As the gateway to the Union Square District, Hallidie Plaza remains a top priority to rejuventate and activate the space with new life. 
Priority PublicRealm-Projects_Document.jpg
Priority PublicRealm-Projects_Document.jpg

• Hallidie Plaza has the potential to become one of the most vibrant and exciting

public spaces in the city. It is the gateway to the city for over 7 million visitors a

year who arrive from the airport via BART. Yet, in its current state, it does not portray

San Francisco as a city that values its public spaces.

• A group of stakeholders, including the BID, RHAA landscape architects, property

owners, building managers, business representatives, city representatives and

other stakeholders are working together to develop a vision for Hallidie Plaza to

transform it from a neglected, underutilized space to an active, exciting public


• Part of the Committee’s ongoing work is to develop interim solutions until the

City’s long term solutions for the Plaza can be put in place. These options include

activating the plaza with small-scale, mobile food and retail vendors, as well as

seating solutions on the mezzanine level.

• Funding for:

- art

- planting improvements and beautification

- site furniture

- programming special events