Campton Place Improvements & Public Activation

A blank canvas such as Campton Place deserves to be transformed into a vibrant, activated space with art installations, food and entertainment.  
Priority PublicRealm-Projects_Document.jpg
Priority PublicRealm-Projects_Document.jpg

Campton Place is a backstreet connection between Stockton Street and Grant Avenue, located mid-block between Sutter and Post Streets. The street currently has service access to multiple businesses, limited metered and commercial parking spaces, and three restaurants (two occupied and one vacant) with doors onto the street.

• The street has high potential as an active pedestrian way due to its location and the businesses that open onto the street.

• Recently, the street has received funding through the city grant from Groundplay and a Community Challenge Grant specifically for Light Art. The Union Square Foundation is seeking additional funding for programming and beautification of Campton Place with signage, art and events.

• Funding for:

- signage for events

- art in the street

- programming for events

- tables and chairs